Day Trip to New Bern, NC

The last weekend in August, I was able to take a quick jaunt down to North Carolina see my lifelong BFF and meet her brand new baby!  Baby Andrew is so chill that we even managed to fit in a couple of activities while I was there, including a day trip to New Bern, NC. Having never been before, I didn’t know what to expect and Mad said it was a lot like Newburyport, one of my favorites places in New England since I was a little girl– I’m a sucker for a waterfront town/city. I agree with her comparison!
We had a delicious brunch at 247 Craven (my burger was killer– quality beef, peppercorn (!) bacon and a fresh potato bun) with another friend who just moved nearby, then walked around downtown and by the waterfront. New Bern is where Nicholas Sparks calls home and also the birthplace of Pepsi. I rarely drink soda anymore, but when in Rome…
2015-09-09 11.53.14
One of my favorite parts was all of the bears (“bern” means “bear” in Swiss) all over the city, decked out in different themes.

2015-09-09 11.45.08

Very quaint, walkable place and if you ever have the chance to go, you definitely should. I would love to go back and stay in one of the many B&Bs as well. I didn’t get any pictures of those and my shots of the waterfront didn’t come out clear, so I leave you with this great reminder!

Summer Traditions

I’m a huge sap and so it should come as no surprise that I love traditions. Those I’ve made with family, friends, Adam and surrounding holidays and seasons are all important to me. Just last weekend, I had two back to back nights of traditions with two of the most special people in my life!


Last Friday, Adam and I went to see his all-time favorite movie, Jaws, in 35mm (original format) at the Somerville Theatre for the second year in a row. I had never seen it before we started dating (I know, I am a movie person, it is a classic, how is that possible) and now have come to love it as well. The Somerville Theatre is also a fabulous spot to see movies and live performances. Not only is it cheaper than larger chains, you’re supporting a local business AND they serve a great variety of beer (including the local Slumbrew) and wine for reasonable prices. While you’re there, build in some extra time to check out the (free!) Museum of Bad Art in the basement. Seeing the movie with a bunch of other enthusiasts, many of who go annually as well, makes it a really sweet way to watch it. People get into it and cheer at the big scenes, but otherwise everyone is respectful. This year marks 40 years so a lot of theaters had showings, but I’m super happy we stuck with this one. Throw it on your list for next August!


To continue my weekend of fun, the next night Cait and I went to go see O.A.R., a group we adore, at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion— the best venue in town since you’re both outside and on the water. I also like it because you can walk the concourse and move around freely and still see and hear the band. We missed last year’s show, but this was my fourth time seeing them and they never disappoint. The band sounds amazing live, clearly loves and appreciates their fans and puts on a helluva show. They’ve come to town every summer, so if you have the chance to check them out (or experience any show at the Pavilion), I definitely recommend it!

Nancy’s Air Field Cafe


A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out a different lunch spot with my Mum. Nancy’s Air Field Cafe in Stow, MA is located right on Minuteman Air Field…and I mean right there. Small planes are fueling up and taking off mere feet from the picture window!


For someone with no personal experience flying, planes have still managed to become a big part of my daily life. Not only do I love to travel (airport hassles aside), but my job’s location has planes taking off and landing just above the skylight at my desk. Even at home I can see and hear the planes coming and going from Logan overhead. As a result, I barely register the sound anymore– and when I do, I find it’s comforting. So to experience another facet of planes had me geeking out!


Take off!

The menu, inspired by global travels, has plenty of varying and delicious options, but we both went for a burger with caramelized onions and greens on the side and I totally ate every bite. You can tell the ingredients are fresh and it hit the spot in a big way. I would love to come back for their happy pizza hour nights on the terrace where they use their brick oven!


Best of all was who I got to spend the afternoon with– my mum! I get my zest for life from my parents, who always have encouraged us to experience new things and enjoy ourselves. While my dad is no longer with us, my mum is forever one of my fav partners to do anything and everything with and I cherish our dates together in a big way.


Assembly Row Bar Stars


Fewer things have been better / worse (for my wallet) than the addition of Assembly Row so close by to both my house and A‘s boat. In addition to all of the restaurants and the outlets (both of which I frequent… probably too often. Definitely too often.), they’ve really made this area into a true neighborhood including various events.


Last week, the girls and I went to their 2nd Annual Bar Stars event and within about five minutes we’d decided this should be an annual outing. For $10, with proceeds going to TEDxSomerville, we received entry into the party which was held on the roof of the parking garage. You were given a chip and able to sample mini cocktails by all the Row restaurants to decide which one would get your vote (aforementioned chip). Not only were they creatively presented and executed, they were DELICIOUS! Also up for grabs were bites of apps and desserts to keep it all from going totally to your head 🙂


Typically at something like this, it feels overcrowded and you can’t maneuver around easily, but they did a wonderful job avoiding that. Especially for the price, this was an awesome way to spend a couple of hours on a perfect summer night!