Sweet 16

Happy 2016!
While I (clearly) still dabbled in social media, it was nice to take some time over the holidays to not be so thoroughly invested in it. I had a blast with family and friends, ate and drank more than I should and essentially lived in my jam jams. During December, my roommate and I also hosted 3 gatherings at our house, so it was the usual December mixture of simultaneously running around and vegging.
But now it’s January, the weather has been pretty good to us, the days are getting longer again and I’m ready to get back to the (posting) grind.
While I don’t do huge sweeping resolutions, it is a nice time to take stock of your life, make sure things are in order, and try to better yourself in however small of a way. Although personally, despite the years removed from being a student, September and the “back to school” feeling tends to motivate me even more than New Years. Does anyone else feel the same way?
I’m looking forward to a fun and blessed year ahead. For the first time since 2005(!), I have no weddings on the docket. While I LOVE being in and attending weddings to support my friends (and dance), it will be a welcome change of pace to have more time off and funds freed up to do some traveling. Two friends are in Honolulu and after 9(!) years, I am trying to get back out there this year. We’re also booking our girls’ beach weekend again for June and I’d like to make it to see a few other friends and family scattered across the country as well. I’m also majorly overdue for a Eurotrip. With all of that in mind, I am going to try and continue last year’s resolution to spend more money on activities and experiences and less money on material things. I’m a sucker for a good shopping trip, so it’s not always easy, but I do think it’s worth trying.
What say you?

Reward me, baby.

When 1/3 of your office is on unpaid leave (furlough problems), you have slightly more downtime. Which is why today I realized I have 18 reward cards in my old, beaten up well-loved gold wallet. ONE-EIGHT. Even more pathetic? A good half of them are to food establishments. Another quarter I barely use. I would say only 4 or 5 of this excessive collection are used with any regularity.

Upon realizing this, I decided I would download the key ring app. What a concept! You scan the barcode, it saves your card info for you, all you have to do is have the barcode scanned on your phone when you’re frequenting, say Staples (why do I have a Staples card? When did I last even GO there?!) I mean, God forbid I find myself reward card-less at Subway! No more carting sround all that crap, you’re efficient and so ‘now’! So I take the time, upload each one to the app… and promptly return all the plastic devils to my absurdly overstuffed Kate Spade. What if it doesn’t work next time I find myself at American Eagle (seriously, when do I shop there?)!

For reals, what the hell do most of these even bring to my life? CVS I get. Extracare, you my homey.  I felt truly accomplished when I achieved VIB at Sephora. Then I realized that meant I had dropped $500 there in a year. Whoops…? But legit I have been scanning my Hallmark card for what seems like years, have achieved “silver level”, and I’ve never seen a thing as a result.

But you bet your bottom dollar that sucker gets swiped every time. “Oh, I have a rewards card!” Well played, companies. You know my spending habits. You have me hooked on even more junk I don’t need.

But, I mean, for real, I get ounce back at Orange Leaf frozen yogurt and you can’t just throw that away.