In the summer of 2014, my older sister told me she’d stumbled upon a contest hosted by Rescue Beauty to create a new nail polish shade that I needed to do because it was right up my alley. I am a nut over nail polish– you will never find me with bare hands or toes and my living room features an actual metal rack of over 50 shades. My friends even do theirs whenever they visit because of the (admittedly somewhat insane) collection my roommate and I have amassed 🙂

I read up on the contest and on a Friday off in July, I made my “vision board”. My absolute favorite color is purple so I knew that would feature heavily, but I was also very inspired by the colors and shades of space and the deep sea– two fascinating and mysterious places. While extremely proud of my submission, I actually had forgotten about it until I received an email that fall from Ji Baek, creater/founder/color genius/genuinely nice person, making sure I had seen on Facebook/her blog that from thousands of entries, I’d made the top 14 (! Now it would be put to a vote and the top 6 would be made– although it actually ended up being 7 shades since two submissions were only a couple of votes off so Ji included both (told you she was nice!). A big, huge thank you to all of my friends and family who not only voted, but shared on Facebook and through email with their friends and family. As a result of the support and shares, I ended up with the most votes in a pool of gorgeous, creative boards by my fellow co-winners.

From there, she got to work, mailing samples she’d mixed so that we could give our feedback. I knew wanted a “grown-up” purple/shimmer shade, which is no easy task. My vision could have easily skewed tacky, but not on Ji’s watch. While the first two were gorgeous, I had full creative veto power and was able to let her know what worked and what didn’t to get to the dream color living in my head. Not only in terms of shade, but also when it came to coverage, jelly or more matte finish, shimmer/glitter level, etc.   Unfazed, she took got back to mixing and the third iteration was PERFECTION. Only when I gave her a very enthusiastic “YES!” did she let on that she and her assistant were hoping that would be the one I’d picked. She truly let the decision process be mine and she remained neutral until I’d approved, which was such a wonderful experience that I’m very grateful to have had.

Now that I’d approved, the sample was off to the lab and the nearly year long waiting process began. But finally, I can announce that the Fan Collection 3.0 has been unveiled and will be available for pre-order on October 13th!!

I am so impressed with the entire collection and I want them ALL. A huge congrats to Ji and my fellow winners on an insanely talented and divine batch of colors. Here is my baby, GalaxSea:



The bloggers who work with Ji all wrote beautiful reviews with gorgeous accompanying photos. My personal favorite quote comes from Refined & Polished:

“RBL GalaxSea is hands down going to be the…favorite in this collection. I’m still wearing it as I type this post.”

If you’re interested in the pre-sale taking place on Tuesday the 13th, be sure to sign up for Rescue Beauty’s mailing list, found at the bottom of the page here:

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