Cider on Down(east)

It should come as no surprise that I am a lover of all things local and all things fall. I also love a good event and a good drink…or three. What better way to combine them than checking out Downeast Cider Harvest Fest? I have had the cider quite a few times, but had never made the short trek to my old Charlestown neighborhood to the brewery until a couple of weekends ago.

So you’re not surprised, it’s located under the Tobin and you may think, “am I going to be murdered…?” for a brief minute on the drive in because it doesn’t look like anything good would be back there. However, there definitely is something good back there and it’s not shady once you arrive.

Check in ran smoothly and you were handed a clean, empty beer can with no top as your “glass” and two tickets– one for a drink and one for the tacos. Additional food and drinks were pay as you go and they accepted cash and cards. Inside, you’re legitimately partying in their operational brewery! The bar was off to the left, Pineapple Jam was setting up next to cornhole to the right, and outside had a makeshift beer garden. After enjoying some ciders (pumpkin was an outstanding fall offering, cranberry is incredible, and the sample of the winter blend was the crowd favorite in my group), we took our chances– and our warmth from the buzz– into the seasonal-yet-cooler-than-it-had-been beer garden to queue up for some totally delicious tacos from Causeway BBQ. Everyone got two– a pork and a chicken– with a side of rice and beans, then you could add any toppings you wanted.

I’m glad we got there early because it was starting to get busier as the day went on, but I think it was a great value for the price and very well run! Downeast hosts events on a regular basis and I would definitely recommend checking one out. Follow them on social media or look them up on Eventbrite. There’s not much parking and it’s not near a T stop, so an Uber/cab is probably your best bet (unless you can convince your roommate to drop you off which is what I did).



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