Oh, you fancy, huh?

My BFF’s bridal shower was yesterday morning, so on Saturday afternoon she treated the two of us to our first experience at a blow dry bar! We went to Be Styled in Lynnfield and we’re officially SOLD on the awesomeness of this service.


Upon arrival, we were offered something to drink and taken promptly for our appointments. Our stylists sat us down to check out our hair and discuss what we wanted to do, then it was off to the sinks. The bonus little scalp massage was clutch! Back in the chair, you’re facing two TVs playing a movie (2000s Charlie’s Angels) and while you cannot see yourself, but you can see this little sign:


Girl, I’m trying!

My stylist, using Kerastase products, gave me the Be Swanky (1920s inspired) style and I WAS OBSESSED with the outcome! It’s fun when you’re finished too because they spin your chair around in a true makeover moment and you finally see yourself.


Can I go everyday….?!

In just over a half an hour, we were transformed! It usually takes me longer than that just to dry my thick mane of lion hair.

20150801_143252 20150801_143702

The best part? Our hair held up overnight, and was mostly intact for the shower the next morning!



  1. Sarah Lou Nails · August 3, 2015

    Your hair looks so fab! I want to go to one!

    • asequinedlife · August 4, 2015

      Thank you, my dear! DEFINITELY try it out! There’s also Drybar.

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