Assembly Row Bar Stars


Fewer things have been better / worse (for my wallet) than the addition of Assembly Row so close by to both my house and A‘s boat. In addition to all of the restaurants and the outlets (both of which I frequent… probably too often. Definitely too often.), they’ve really made this area into a true neighborhood including various events.


Last week, the girls and I went to their 2nd Annual Bar Stars event and within about five minutes we’d decided this should be an annual outing. For $10, with proceeds going to TEDxSomerville, we received entry into the party which was held on the roof of the parking garage. You were given a chip and able to sample mini cocktails by all the Row restaurants to decide which one would get your vote (aforementioned chip). Not only were they creatively presented and executed, they were DELICIOUS! Also up for grabs were bites of apps and desserts to keep it all from going totally to your head 🙂


Typically at something like this, it feels overcrowded and you can’t maneuver around easily, but they did a wonderful job avoiding that. Especially for the price, this was an awesome way to spend a couple of hours on a perfect summer night!




  1. Lydia · 1 Day Ago

    Where you able to try the drinks more than once?

  2. Lydia · 1 Day Ago

    Thanks for the reply! I’ll see you there lol

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