February in Portsmouth

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my family in Portsmouth, NH– seeing all the ships, walking around Strawberry Banke, eating seafood. Now I still love to make it up there whenever I can and it never disappoints. A had never spent any real time there, which needed to change, so we decided that our Christmas gift to each other would be a night away during the off season. We chose The Hotel Portsmouth and both could not be more pleased with our experience there. The staff was wonderful and the property both modern and charming. We cannot wait to stay there again and I was so happy to share a city so dear to me with my main man!

After a super easy check in, we had a late lunch (and the best.mussels.ever) at The Portsmouth Brewery, then walked around a bit even though it was so freezing we thought our faces would fall off. Next was upstairs at Fat Belly’s, where the bar has a strip of built in ice to keep your drinks cold because even when my face is nearly falling off, I still want my libations served frigid. After that, we went over to The Thirsty Moose to continue our walking two person pub crawl, where I got to try two new fruit beers– Wachusett Strawberry White and Seadog Sunfish– and I am OBSESSED with both. Also recommend their BBQ chicken nachos, which we got to go so we could eat them in our jam jams in the room. Heaven, essentially.

The next morning, we had some fresh (and free!) breakfast at the hotel, overlooking the falling snow. As much as I am SO COMPLETELY OVER all this friggin’ snow, it was pretty beautiful to watch– while inside with my bagel and coffee. After check out, we poked into a couple of shops, then had an early lunch at State Street Saloon (hot dog and tots!) before heading home. All in all a wonderful mini vaca and more memories made in a place that’s extremely special to me 🙂










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