My favorite part of winter? Red wine.

More snow is a-fallin’! So I’m hunkered down with Apothic Red (such a great bang for the buck) and last night’s Bravo shows on the DVR. I will admit it’s nice, when there’s nowhere to be (except hot yoga, which I skipped… sorry Prana! I love you!), to be forced to slow down– a foreign concept to me usually. Come to think of it, likely that’s why I have such a hard time writing regularly.

Last night, A and I went to my sister’s to pick up a bookcase for my room, so now I finally have adequate space for all of my framed pics! I was also able to introduce him to a restaurant owned by my life-long bff, M’s, extended family and where my family used to go weekly growing up. I think it’s lovely, and important, to introduce the person you love to the people, places and things that made/make you you. He does the same (I now fish, boat, and most recently… haul cast iron junk) and I relish getting to know him better through it. Well, maybe not the hauling junk part so much. But that’s a post for another day.

Wearing: giant Brooks Brothers navy blue striped mens’ pajamas (They were free. Don’t ask.), slippers, my glasses. Sounds hawt I know.

Watching: last night’s RHOBH. Next up, Vanderpump Rules.

Pining: for this little sweetie in pool–



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