My favorite part of winter? Red wine.

More snow is a-fallin’! So I’m hunkered down with Apothic Red (such a great bang for the buck) and last night’s Bravo shows on the DVR. I will admit it’s nice, when there’s nowhere to be (except hot yoga, which I skipped… sorry Prana! I love you!), to be forced to slow down– a foreign concept to me usually. Come to think of it, likely that’s why I have such a hard time writing regularly.

Last night, A and I went to my sister’s to pick up a bookcase for my room, so now I finally have adequate space for all of my framed pics! I was also able to introduce him to a restaurant owned by my life-long bff, M’s, extended family and where my family used to go weekly growing up. I think it’s lovely, and important, to introduce the person you love to the people, places and things that made/make you you. He does the same (I now fish, boat, and most recently… haul cast iron junk) and I relish getting to know him better through it. Well, maybe not the hauling junk part so much. But that’s a post for another day.

Wearing: giant Brooks Brothers navy blue striped mens’ pajamas (They were free. Don’t ask.), slippers, my glasses. Sounds hawt I know.

Watching: last night’s RHOBH. Next up, Vanderpump Rules.

Pining: for this little sweetie in pool–



Falling OUT of old habits.

I fell off the blogging bandwagon AGAIN. Why do I have such a hard time keeping up with this?! God knows I love to talk, ramble, write. Well, if falling off the blogging (and working out) wagon has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes you have to get back on over and over again for it to stick. Millionth time’s a charm..?

The holidays went well– I had a week off of work for the first time in literal years. Heaven! Now back to the grind in every way possible and ready to rock 2014. Working hard, exercising with regularity, eating clean(ish, c’mon, I obviously love me some greasy pizza and buffalo tenders). I try to make tiny changes versus sweeping resolutions, because I have to trick myself.

Here’s to a great year!

Wearing: Athleta sweatshirt, yoga pants, slippers, messy bun, no makeup, Zoya nailpolish in “Yummy”. Day off attire!
Loving: hot yoga, awards season, my new Sorel winter boots, Trader Joe’s greek yogurt guac (lifechanging), cooking with spaghetti squash
Reading: “The Wolf of Wall Street” by Jordan Belfort. Can’t wait to see the flick!