Two days in a row?!

Okay, all right, to give myself some props, I am writing two days in a row! I’m basically the next great American writer (blogger), huh?

Another gorgeous September day in Massachusetts, but I wanted to bang out a quick post before I go for a run. Walk. Maybe eat Fig Newtons on the couch and catch up on my DVR. The possibilities are endless! Eight days from my next 5k ( and the most I’ve done lately is run to the printer at work (#workingstiff?), but I’m very excited to do this one with the girls. I’ve done holiday themed 5ks, a very sad attempt at a 5 miler, and now this will be my first night run. Like, first ever time running at night, like I said I rarely run anywhere, let alone in the witching hours.

On that note, I am very jazzed for Halloween, pumpkin picking, the theme party my roommate and I are throwing, the scary movies, the whole shebang. I have a pretty sick Marie Antoinette wig I’ve yet to wear (my having costume pieces for no known reason is part of my charm. I hope.), but no dress. Think she wore jeggings and flowy tops? That might be easier to manage with what’s already in my closet…

Until next time–

Wearing: flowy coral top, black jeggings (redundant, really, if you’ve read above), black studded smoking loafers, chunky Mr. T style necklace (I pity the fool who can’t picture this), evergreen nailpolish, this morning’s makeup

Loving: this ideal weather, tomorrow being Friday, the coconut iced coffee I had this morning, this K Slademade bag I don’t own…yet:

Listening: The Get Up Kids and feeling 15 again, in the best way possible


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