Two days in a row?!

Okay, all right, to give myself some props, I am writing two days in a row! I’m basically the next great American writer (blogger), huh?

Another gorgeous September day in Massachusetts, but I wanted to bang out a quick post before I go for a run. Walk. Maybe eat Fig Newtons on the couch and catch up on my DVR. The possibilities are endless! Eight days from my next 5k ( and the most I’ve done lately is run to the printer at work (#workingstiff?), but I’m very excited to do this one with the girls. I’ve done holiday themed 5ks, a very sad attempt at a 5 miler, and now this will be my first night run. Like, first ever time running at night, like I said I rarely run anywhere, let alone in the witching hours.

On that note, I am very jazzed for Halloween, pumpkin picking, the theme party my roommate and I are throwing, the scary movies, the whole shebang. I have a pretty sick Marie Antoinette wig I’ve yet to wear (my having costume pieces for no known reason is part of my charm. I hope.), but no dress. Think she wore jeggings and flowy tops? That might be easier to manage with what’s already in my closet…

Until next time–

Wearing: flowy coral top, black jeggings (redundant, really, if you’ve read above), black studded smoking loafers, chunky Mr. T style necklace (I pity the fool who can’t picture this), evergreen nailpolish, this morning’s makeup

Loving: this ideal weather, tomorrow being Friday, the coconut iced coffee I had this morning, this K Slademade bag I don’t own…yet:

Listening: The Get Up Kids and feeling 15 again, in the best way possible



New here, but not entirely new…

I’ve been claiming I was going to really “jumpstart” my blog no fewer than 43 times and decided maybe a change of address (web address that is…) would actually accomplish that. No disrespect, Tumblr! It’s not you, it’s me.

Where exactly this blog will take us is unclear, so please bear with me– all 2 of you who will see this post. I’m not entirely self-absorbed, but my need to be in the know and sassy/bitchy musings can be entertaining, so hopefully you will enjoy.

To see what you missed (spoiler alert: not much), you can take a gander at